Hi Brow

HI Brow (Eyelash Design Company) is the epitome of excellence in lash and eyebrow design, offering certified training, high-quality products, long-lasting color options, and ongoing marketing support to ensure professional success. The leading lash design company in the UK, proudly owns the UK’s most prestigious and award-winning lash and brow styling brand.

Certified Training: Their training programs are accredited by leading industry authorities including GUILD, HABIA and ABT, ensuring their professionals receive the highest quality training and certification in eyebrow shaping and lamination.

Professional range of products: HI Brow offers a comprehensive range of high-end professional products carefully designed to support and enhance our treatments. In particular, HI BROW lamination treatments are known for producing wonderful eyebrows and long-lasting color for customers.

Premium colors: HI Brow prides itself on the exceptional quality of its colors, the colors are excellent and known for their longevity. Clients who choose HI Brow benefit from colors that not only meet, but exceed their expectations, leaving them with stunning and highly durable brows.

Marketing support: At HI Brow, we understand that success in the beauty industry requires more than quality and grooming skills. That’s why they offer up-to-date marketing material as part of comprehensive customer service. They believe they can give their professionals the tools and resources they need to succeed in the marketplace.

Since Hi Brow is also the creator of the Lash Perfect series, some of the products and colors are suitable for both treatments.

HI Brow – UK



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