Amalian Fillers

High quality fillers

Amalian offers a range of innovative biphasic and monophasic hyaluronic acid fillers designed to provide tailored treatments with enduring results. With ten different fillers for various cosmetic needs, including wrinkle reduction, lip augmentation, facial contouring, and scar treatment, these products complement one another seamlessly.

The biphasic fillers employ CIS Technology for long-lasting effects with minimal material usage, while the monophasic fillers are versatile and easy to administer. They come in two categories: Amalian LT for strong volumizing effects and long-lasting results, and Amalian SF-soft fillers with fully hydrated particles.

In addition, the Amalian hyaluronic acid system includes Amalian balance, a non-cross-linked linear monophasic product for revitalizing the face, neck, décolleté, and hands through mesotherapy.

All Amalian fillers consist of ultra-pure, protein-free hyaluronic acid obtained through biofermentation, ensuring they are free from animal components. They are CE-certified and GMP-certified sterile medical devices, meeting the highest quality standards with guaranteed sterility and absence of endotoxins and proteins.

The Amalian therapy concept empowers healthcare professionals to select the ideal product from three different lines to meet their patients’ specific needs and achieve optimal results.

Special characteristics of Amalian dermal fillers

Amalian’s innovative hyaluronic acid dermal fillers leverage over 20 years of experience in manufacturing sterile hyaluronic acid, originally developed for ophthalmic surgery. They exhibit exceptional qualities:

⦁ Ultra-Pure Hyaluronic Acid
⦁ Ease of Injection with High Structural Viscosity
⦁ Uniform Dispersion within the Skin
⦁ Outstanding Flow Properties

Furthermore, all Amalian hyaluronic acid fillers encompass the benefits of premium hyaluronic acid treatments:

⦁ Biodegradable
⦁ Animal Component-Free
⦁ No Long-Term Side Effects
⦁ Clinically Proven Biocompatibility
⦁ No Allergy Testing
⦁ Premium Quality Assurance

Special manufacturing

To counteract natural hyaluronic acid degradation in the skin, we employ a stabilization process, bonding reactive side groups to bridge molecules. However, this reduces water solubility in hyaluronic acid.

Our CIS Technology (Core-in-shell) addresses this challenge by dispersing insoluble, stabilized hyaluronic acid within a solution of high-molecular linear hyaluronic acid. This creates a homogeneous gel with a 3D network structure, exceptional water retention, high viscosity, and strong thixotropy (reversible viscosity change).

Biphasic Amalian fillers, based on this technology, offer easy injection despite high viscosity, providing immediate wrinkle-filling effects. Lower concentrations still achieve robust volumizing, requiring deeper injection.

Effects can last up to 12 months.

The Amalian products we have in our selection are:
⦁ Amalian Balance 1ml
⦁ Amalian Gentle 1 ml
⦁ Amalian Natural Lips + Lido 1 ml
⦁ Amalian SF 24 Advanced + Lido 2x1ml
⦁ Amalian SF Fine 16 + Lido 2x1ml
⦁ Amalian SF Medium 20 + Lido 2x1ml




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