Famous Names Products

Famous Names Products

Famous Names was founded by Jim Nordstrom, Linda Nordstrom, Ken Cooper and Lisa Cooper in 2010. Famous Names is a well-known nail care brand, especially known for its professional nail strengthening and enhancement solutions. The brand has gained recognition in the beauty industry for its innovative and high-quality products designed to improve the health and aesthetics of natural nails.

Famous Names LLC is dedicated to creating best-in-class products exclusively for nail professionals, demonstrating a commitment not only to designing award-winning products, but also to advancing industry education.

Products and solutions offered by Famous Names include:

⦁ IBX System, the world’s most famous nail repair method

The IBX System, a two-part nail treatment, is designed for nail professionals. The system consisting of IBX Repair and IBX Strength focuses on repairing and strengthening natural nails. When used together, these products create a protective shield on the nail that promotes overall nail health.

The IBX System was developed for three different reasons. It can be used under gel polishes, dip nails and gel, creating a protective “shield” inside the nail plate. The purpose of this is to protect the nail plate when various removals are performed. It also helps in growing the natural nail. Then it repairs damaged nails and helps them grow normally. IBX also strengthens the flexible and thin nail. The third reason is the use of IBX in connection with the maintenance of structural nails. In this case, it protects and strengthens the underlying nail and provides a better attachment base for structural nails.

The IBX System works inside the nail plate. First, IBX is applied to the surface of the nail like nail polish. It is an acrylic product that is absorbed and hardens on the surface of the nail. When IBX hardens, it forms interlaced polymer networks between the nail plates. As a result, the nail plates become stronger and retain their flexibility without flaking anymore. After the product has been absorbed, the excess liquid is gently patted away. Then IBX is further cured with UV or LED light.

When the treatment is done, a permanent reinforcement is created inside the nail plate, which cannot be removed by solvents and detergents. The treatment can be used without a break when you want long and durable nails!

⦁ IBX Boost

IBX treatment can be supplemented with IBX Boost.

It is a nail coating that can be used to strengthen and protect the natural nail. The product can also be used as a protective layer under other methods, such as gel varnish. It also has the ability to extend the permanence of the gel polish up to more than three weeks. IBX Boost can be serviced and removed by soaking.

Due to the special manufacturing technology, IBX is also suitable for shaping and strengthening toenails and only requires a thin layer.

⦁ Award-winning Dadi products


Dadi’Oil is a versatile oil with a blend of natural oils such as avocado oil, extra virgin olive oil and jojoba oil. Known for its moisturizing and caring properties, Dadi’Oil is ideal for maintaining the health of nails and cuticles. It increases the flexibility of the nail and reduces flaking. The product does not leave the skin greasy and absorbs quickly while moisturizing. The products are sufficient and remain on the shelf for a long time.

Luxury Dadi’ Lotion

The product consists of dadi oils, such as extra virgin olive oil, avocado oil and jojoba oil. The product does not leave the skin feeling greasy and is absorbed quickly. The composition helps the skin maintain its moisture balance for longer. Luxury Dadi’ Lotion is salon-tested, vegan, and contains no sulfates or barabene.

Dadi’ Scrub
A really soft exfoliation intended for the whole body. The product uses the same oils as Dadi’ Oil and Luxury Dadi’ Lotion.

Dadi’ Lip Balm
Deep moisturizing lip cream that is 100% natural. The beeswax used in the product meets the standards of sustainable development. In addition to beeswax, the product consists of coconut oil, aloe, cocoa butter and the same oils as in Dadi’ Oil and Luxury Dadi’ Lotion.

⦁ Famous Releaf

Pedicure system with AU complex, consisting of a mixture of urea and allantoin.

All Famous Names products proudly maintain their 100% vegan status and are free of parabens and sulfites.

⦁ Imix – quiet lacquer mixer.

Famous Names has launched Imix, a solution designed to enhance mixing of nail polish. This hands-free color mixing innovation is compatible with all gel polish and varnish formulations. Imix is user-friendly and mixes varnish effortlessly with the unique Imix mixers. This ensures a perfect and streak-free finish.

Professional salons use Famous Names products to provide clients with better nail and skin health and aesthetic results. The brand’s dedication to innovation in the field and its contribution to the industry has earned it a prominent place in the profession in the world of people.

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