About us

Royal Cosmed Group


Founded in 2006, Royal Cosmed is headquartered in Tampere, Finland and has over 15 years heritage and decades of top-echelon team experience in the ever-evolving field of global skincare, aesthetic beauty and professional education. Underpinned by our unparalleled services and support, Royal Cosmed was built from the ground-up to tactically converge and strategically deploy a stunning collection of the world’s most high-profile, award-winning and industry-trusted medi-aesthetic brands and products.

Strategic Thought & Tactical Implementation

Internationally respected and famed for our hands-on, personal and dedicated approach to business, our teams primary mission is to bring innovative product lines, inspirational training and demonstrable commercial value to all our clients. When we onboard any new product/solution, we invest heavily in immersing ourselves and keeping ourselves fully appraised of both that brand/product and all of its contemporaries. This enables us to get fully underneath and behind any given solution and put ourselves in a position where we can proficiently and passionately represent our brands and uniquely brief our end-clients on the full market spectrum so as to deliver them  market insight and competitive advantage.

Complimentary, Value-Driven Solutions

All our clients benefit from boots-on-the-ground representation and an enviable and collaborative team of medical advisers plastic surgeon aesthetic nurses and leading aestheticians. Dovetailed with our multi-channel digital assets, proven and scalable processes, Royal Cosmed are empirically proven to add sustainable value to partners and customers.

Friendly, Expert Service & Support

We recognise that every brand and every end-user is different with their own unique needs, challenges and even budgets. While we may often package and position a multi-faceted and bespoke solution, Royal Cosmed are experts in insulating you from the multiplied hassle and variable costs that you may otherwise experience. In an increasingly inside-the-box world, we’re proven outside-the-box thinkers so get in touch with our friendly team today!