Beautiful, smooth, younger skin with luster is now easier to achieve.
We introduce MESODUO, a secure and efficient transdermal delivery system that can be used conveniently by your customers.
The MESODUO technology is designed with safety in mind and gives you simplicity and flexibility with proven results.
MESODUO is developed to mechanically penetrate nutrients into the skin.

It can be used on several areas of the body:
– Face, arms, back, legs, abdomen and chest INJECTIONS WITHOUT NEEDLES
MESODUO allows you to mechanically penetrate nutrients deeper into the skin with Cliniccare special products for injection.
This allows nutrients to be efficiently absorbed into the skin.
This process effectively strengthens and revitalizes and moisturizes your skin.
The treatment reduces the appearance of wrinkles and age spots.
Electroporation is the technique of inclusion introduction of substances (such as vitamins) into the body.
MESODUO penetrates nutrients deep into the skin. The treatment is completely safe and suits all skin types.

Information for the more technically interested:
MESODUO works with three technologies that jointly actively release active ingredients into the skin.
It is the first treatment device in the world that operates with a variable ultrasound between 1,000Hz – 40,000Hz for mechanical impact on cells.
Radio frequency (RF) that heats the skin to about 35 degrees to increase the permeability and elasticity of the skin.
To then actively influence the cell for penetration, we use Elektroporation. Electroporation creates that we with variable pulse speed shoot electrical pulses against skin between -35V / + 35V does cause pore openings in the cells’ membranes, which the active ingredients use for active penetration.


To achieve penetration, treatment with products that are specially developed to enable penetration into the skin is required.
The degree of penetration of hyaluronic acid amounts to approx. 0.5 mm, which significantly increases the skin’s ability to increase moisture levels to the dermis.
When treating DECREASE against superficial fat deposits, the degree of penetration increases to 2 – 4 cm stars in the time set aside for the treatment.



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