CLINICCARE: Innovation of hyaluronic acid and strong active ingredients

CLINICCARE is one of the most famous clinic and cosmetology series in the world. The wide selection of the series offers effective treatments and effective home care products. Small molecular hyaluronic acid is one of the best ingredients in the CLINICCARE skin care series. Hyaluronic acid plays a vital role in metabolic processes, such as intercellular reactions and syntheses.
High-end beauty professionals appreciate the high-quality active ingredients and CLINICCARE’s innovative formulas created through advanced research.

Features of CLINICCARE:

CLINICCARE Cosmeceuticals: CLINICCARE’s cosmetic products represent the cutting edge of the beauty industry.

⦁ Long-lasting and deeply moisturizing: Each product of the CLINICCARE skin care series is designed to produce lasting and deeply moisturizing effects, which ensures the continuous well-being of your skin.

⦁ Certified hyaluronic acid complex: CLINICCARE’s hyaluronic acid complex obtained through biological fermentation contains small molecules that are able to penetrate deep into the layers of the skin and moisturize it from the inside.

⦁ Unique compositions rich in active ingredients: The products are made from unique combinations of ingredients and they guarantee exceptional results and raise the effectiveness of skin care to a new level.

⦁ State-of-the-art technology for safety and stability: CLINICCARE utilizes the latest technological advances to produce products that are not only safe but also characterized by remarkable stability.

LMWHA – low molecular weight hyaluronic acid

The central part of CLINICCARE’s skin care series is low molecular weight hyaluronic acid. It plays an important role in metabolic processes and acts as a key mediator and promoter of cell synthesis. In addition to its physiological functions, it acts as an effective protection against infections while strengthening the resistance of cells. In particular, it has an exceptional ability to retain moisture 1000 times its own weight.

The challenge of traditional hyaluronic acid is its large molecular size, approximately 3000 nanometers in diameter, which makes it unable to effectively penetrate the deeper layers of the skin. Until now, this kind of penetration has only been achievable with direct injections of hyaluronic acid. However, Japanese researchers have made a groundbreaking achievement by developing low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, whose molecules are as thin as 5 nanometers and have a high level of ionization. This innovation enables hyaluronic acid to penetrate deep into the skin without the need for injections.

All CLINICCARE products contain low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, which facilitates absorption into the skin and deeply moisturizes.

Innovative packaging:

CLINICCARE’s new innovative packaging has symbols that provide comprehensive instructions on the benefits and possible uses of each product. This thoughtful design makes it easier and more efficient to use the products.

Versatile product selection and treatments

CLINICCARE offers a diverse selection of products and treatments that cover home care, professional skin care, mesotherapy, microneedling and chemical peels. Products and treatments can be combined with device treatments, and this way you can get very effective treatment packages for your customers.

⦁ Cliniccare Mesotherapy liquids

Mesotherapy liquids are pure and contain targeted raw materials for the most well-known indications.

Cliniccare EGF Glow 10 x 8 ml serum, including 2% HA, is used to rejuvenate and lighten the skin, restore firmness and moisture to the skin and even out its color

Cliniccare EGF Refresh 10 x 8 ml serum, 2% HA, prevents the formation of lines and wrinkles and nourishes and rejuvenates the skin

Cliniccare EGF Tight 10 x 8 ml serum, 2% HA, is used especially for sagging skin, reduces wrinkles and lines and lifts facial features

Derma roller 0.75 mm rose gold, gold, silver, suitable for salon sales, used between treatments

Hair Energy Vial 10 x 8ml, promotes hair growth, stops hair loss and improves hair quality

Reduce Vial 10 x 8ml, used for the treatment of local fat deposits, for example on the hips, thighs, buttocks, stomach, knees and double chin

⦁ Cliniccare Masks

The masks contain strong active ingredients for indications and hyaluronic acid. Suitable for putting on the skin immediately after device treatments.

⦁ Cliniccare Chemical peels

These chemical peels are highly effective and low PH acid combinations. Peels can be diluted with the Peel Blender to make them suitable for even more sensitive skin.

With these you can adjust the desired recovery time for the customer.

⦁ Cliniccare Creams and serums

Cliniccare contains a good selection of creams and serums that are suitable for almost all treatments and devices for use with

The home care products are made to fit the treatment indication with the same raw materials as the treatment itself, so the products enhance the results at home as well.

⦁ Devices

Discover innovative devices such as Dual Injector Pro, Micro Injector My Lithium+ and Mesoduo




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